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Internet Business Models | The Seven Options

All these internet business models should be about helping people solve their problems, given that everything today is busy and complicated, and people are looking for easier, better, faster ways to improve their quality of life. Internet Business Models that provide a service This type of model relates to the consultant and coaching style type of internet business model and can be expanded into any idea that is going to help people monetize their services via the internet.

Internet Business Models that move a physical product Most people would recognize E Bay with this type of model. Even though the delivery aspects technologically are well taken care of, sourcing products that sell and having storage facilities all need to be considered.

Internet Business M...

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You Were Born Rich

Do you need to change your environment?  Watch the video and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Do you have the capacity to work mentally and is it important?

If  You Work Mentally You Will Find Life Easier To Live.

Today I am going to give you an insight that on it’s own is worth $100 000 a year to you.

For anybody who wants any quality of the life the ability to work mentally is critical. It goes beyond just thinking because everybody has thoughts but not everybody can apply themselves to a task as much as they may try.

I guess it depends on how much importance you place on what takes place in the six inches between your ears which we can call your brain.

Breaking it down another level what is going on with you mentally, what is the quality of your thoughts? This raises more questions than it answers.

Are your thoughts mainly positive or are they mainly negative? And does your associations and environment affect the quality of your thoughts...

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