“IT’s Your Choice”

This can be a doom and gloom email if you choose images
to view it that way.


It can release you to freedom. It can ignite a fire
under your back side that can turn your life
around in an instant.

I hope, for your sake, that it’s the latter.

But, I can’t force you to think that way. No one
can… but YOU.

In fact, no one can get you to do “”anything”” but

Take note of this, because it can free you and
give you what you’ve always wanted out of life.

YOU are completely responsible for your life, and
no one owes you a single thing.

If you’re unhappy right now, it’s your fault. If
you’re unsuccessful in the money arena, it’s
your fault. If you’ve got bad relationships, it’s
your fault.


You can choose what you do everyday when
you get up right?

Do you have to wake up and go to work? No!
Do you have to exercise and eat well? No!
Do you have to pay your bills on time? No!

You don’t HAVE to do anything you don’t
“”want”” to or “”choose”” to do.

But, you recognize that there are
consequences to “”not”” doing certain things,
like losing your job, so fear keeps you under
the gun to do it.

But know this… it’s your choice! It ALWAYS

Like I said earlier, this can free you, or you can
view it in a negative way.

I really want it to free you.

Most people in this business, and life for that
matter, were able to turn things around the
instant they realized that they were responsible
110% for their results.

Did bad stuff happen to you that you couldn’t
control? Has someone, or just, life, done you

Have unbearably bad things happened to you
that you had NO control over?

Yep. It’s happened to ALL OF US on different
levels and intensities.

You can’t control that stuff. What you can
control is YOU.

You can control what you do now! You can
control whether that thing will hold you back
forever, or if it will be the driving force that
makes you unstoppable.

The choice is always yours my friend…

I’ve been telling you about a system that
MANY people decided to act on.

They “”chose”” to.

And the results have been nothing short of
life changing for them.

You can keep floundering around looking for
something, blaming the world, or you can take
this system, choose to act on it, and I mean
nitty gritty work your tail off to the bone

And I’ll tell ya what… Just see what happens.

Just see it!! I dare you to push yourself. To
step up to your dreams. To take the bull by
the horns today. Oh I can’t WAIT to see it. 🙂

It all starts here:


Here’s to choice,
Phil Matthew

P.S. Just so you know, I am on your side. And I’ll support you
to kingdom come. The first step is to accept this email.
The next step is to get your plan together after going
through the link above. And then the next step is to
contact me for further instructions. Let’s do this…

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