“FEAR – Are you ready to WIN?”

It’s no surprise that to achieve any sort of success,
it’s going to cause a wee bit of stress at times…

And at other times, it’ll cause so much overwhelming
stress and discomfort that you’ll just want to give up!

Literal sweating, stomach aches, headaches, and an
overbearing urge to do everything BUT what you know
you should be!

It’s that critical spot between learning how to do
something and doing it… It’s that GAP between
doing it and major success that most people give
up at.

All because of stress and discomfort. Fear.

But you know?…

Here’s the feeling that happens when you say “You
know what, this doesn’t work, it’s too hard and I’ll
just find something more “push button”…

…Your stress melts away.

…You sigh a breath of relief.

…You’ve just let yourself off the hook.

…Your brain says “good decision!”

Bad, bad BAD!!


Those are all false indicators.

Stress is a good thing once you understand it
and learn how to push through it.

That false relief should tell you that you’re now
back in your comfort zone.

And in that comfort zone, none of the amazing
things that’s waiting to happen in your life will





So next time you feel like giving up, don’t. Keep

pushing, keep fighting, keep growing. And don’t
ever stop. Feel the uncomfortable fear and do it

And if you’re ready to keep fighting for you dream
of financial freedom via the internet, I’d suggest
you give the MTTB System a little look:  www.m0be.com/pmatthew/df14e773

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