Are You Talking To The Right Person – Or Are You Talking To Eddie The Expert?

What’s the value of getting just one good question448
answered worth to you?…

Value= Priceless

Let me explain:

Have you ever seen the show ‘Who Wants To Be A

I’m not for sure if it’s even on anymore, I think Cedric
the Entertainer now hosts it, however, it used to be
the cats meow back when Regis Philbin was
running the show…

Anyhow, if you’re not familiar with the program, the
contestant is asked a series of questions, each
one being harder than the last.

Now if he get’s to the end and answers every question

He hits the jackpot…

1 million baby…

Yet here’s the thing, nearly nobody knows EVERY
answer, no matter how smart they think they are.

So in the show, you get 3 lifelines to help you out
with the tough ones…

One of these lifelines is called: ‘Phone-a-Friend’.

If you’re progressing along just fine, and then ole
Phil hits you with a question that you have NO
CLUE what the answer is?…

How Much Do You Think Getting That Question
Answered Would Be Worth To You?…

Could be worth a million right?!

Yes that one connection, that one call could be
the magic ticket to getting the big win…

So here’s the question we want to think about in
this business and how this equates to us:

If you get stumped, if you need REAL solid help,
if you just simply need a question answered to
help you get to the next level in your business…

Wouldn’t being able to ‘phone-a-coach’ be
extremely valuable to you?

Yep, it would likely prove to be priceless!

Because here’s a big problem I see right now…

When someone needs help with something, when
they need a question answered, often times they’ll
go to Facebook and ask the question in some

Or, they’ll go to one of these ‘Forums’ and ask it

The big issue is that everybody things they know
something! And often times a newbie with less
experience then the person asking the questions
goes about giving you TERRIBLE ADVICE…

This type of stuff is holding so many people back!
Be very careful who you listen to…

If you had a serious medical concern, you wouldn’t
go to the Doctor and let another patient in the
waiting room give you your diagnosis would

No, you would wait, politely ignore their ramblings,
and go get ‘Expert’ advice and help from the
Doctor, the trained professional.

Now dealing with getting the help you need to
become successful online ‘could’ be a challenge.

i.e. Knowing where to find the good advice.

Yet, that’s what is so cool about MTTB.

You get your own personal Coach when you sign up.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill coaches either.
We’re talking 6 and 7 figure earners here. Folks
that can coach you, can give you exactly what
you need when you need it, and they will be there
to give you reliable answers you can count on…

Besides the huge commissions that MTTB can
give you the opportunity to earn, this Coaching
is one of it’s most incredible and helpful elements
of the system.

In fact, your coaches as you’ll discover, will land
big commissions and profits FOR YOU.

They’re like coaches with benefits…

Get going today by checking out the link below:

Have a great day, remember it is up to YOU!

Janine Matthew

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